MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Still Focused on Defense, But Hoping Offense Figures it Out

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MBS day Ahead: Every NFP Week is Important Until Fed Hike (or Lack Thereof) MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Hope to Avoid Rocking Boat Until Next Week June 28, 2019 Posted To: MBS CommentaryIn the day just past, both stocks and bonds showed a greater predisposition to react to trade-related headlines (more so in stocks, but noticeable in bonds as well).Mortgage rates drop below 4.5%. Homeowners scramble to refinance The Fed announced that it’s prepared to provide additional easing if needed. The bond market responded positively, which brought down the mortgage rate, again. If you are doing a mortgage refinance, and you already locked your rate and fees, what do you do if you see the rate and fees drop after you lock?

October 10, 2018 Comments Off on MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Still Focused on Defense, But Hoping Offense Figures it Out Posted To: MBS Commentary One of the most important themes I’ve tried to communicate over the past 2 weeks is that the bond market is in the middle of redefining or repricing its relationship with the available data.

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Mortgage Rates Seen Below 4.00%. Lock or Float???  · Real Estate » Lock Or Float A Mortgage? How To Decide Whether to lock or float a mortgage rate is a crucial question for borrowers. And it’s not easy to.