MBS Day Ahead: China Tariff News May Not Be Enough For Bonds

Minutes of the RBA’s May meeting have not provided any updated clarity. However, there is an important point worth mentioning, and that is the RBA mentioned for the first time that their economic forecasts are "based on the usual technical assumption that the cash rate followed the path implied by market pricing, which suggested interest rates were expected to be lower over the next six months".

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>> Mortgage News Daily >> MBS RECAP: Bonds Hold Ground Nicely Despite Threats;. we’d be talking about how the announcement of a US/China tariff extension put upward pressure on rates. As it stands, we can still witness just a bit of that upward pressure, but not enough to consider this.

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The implications of the Trump China tariff decision are huge for the Dow Jones and stock market: Either we’re at the outset of a technological cold war with Beijing, or – more likely -Trump’s.

May Mischief Approaches (22 April 2019) – It looks like the first week of May is the next window for globalist drama. > On May 1 (May Day), Juan Guaido of Venezuela will attempt to stage the biggest demonstration in the country’s history as part of his effort to push out Maduro. Will Maduro attempt to arrest him on or before that day? How would the US react to that?

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bonds have obviously. The most informative outcome here would be for all metrics of the jobs report to improve substantially and then to see how well bond markets are able to hold their ground. No,

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Earlier on Saturday, china began collecting higher retaliatory tariffs on much of a $60 billion target list of US goods. The tariffs, announced on May 13 and taking effect as of midnight in Beijing (1600 GMT), apply additional 20 per cent or 25 per cent tariffs on more than half of the 5,140 US products targeted.

<p>In recent days, Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has announced his resignation, failed to formally resign, and is now <a href="https://www.sbs.com.

China threatens corporate hit list on eve of new US tariffs. President Trump says he’ll put 5% tariffs on all goods from Mexico CBS News;. 6 things not to buy during Memorial Day sales

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