MBS RECAP: Bonds Rally Back to Range Lows With or Without Powell

MBS RECAP: With Shorter Lines, Bonds Get More Time on Favorite Rides In the amusement park that is financial markets, each asset class has a few favorite rides. When the place is packed, it’s tough for any given asset class to take too many turns on any given ride within a certain amount of time.

This makes me think selling is the better option, but without it even LISTED I have had 4 people try to buy the property to use as a rental. MBS RECAP: Bonds Rally Back to Range Lows With or Without Powell

Agency MBS underperformed in June as mortgage spreads continue to widen due to elevated volatility and a rally in rates. The Bloomberg Barclays MBS fixed rate index returned 0.72% over the month. Recent underperformance has resulted in attractive valuations unseen since 2013, thereby creating an opening to add tactical exposure.

Posted To: MBS Commentary Last Friday’s jobs report meant business (bad business for low rates). Even though Powell ultimately told us that one jobs report wouldn’t fundamentally alter the risks to the economic outlook in Wednesday’s congressional testimony, that wasn’t enough to get bonds out of the office.

We could also consider the roll-out of a corporate bond deal just before. Congress (when they get back to work on the tax bills next week) before getting confirmation on the next move away from the.

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MORTGAGE-BACKED SECURITIES. Agency MBS 14 returned 0.90% and performed in line with like-duration Treasuries. Mortgages started the month with a move wider as rates moved higher. However, dovish comments from fed vice chair clarida and Chairman Powell later in the month caused rates to rally and MBS to recover their earlier losses.

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It began with a decent overnight rally, mostly led by. to play a role until noon when bonds went completely silent ahead of the 3-day veterans day weekend, but not before 10yr yields fell more than.